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Logging in to an SVM

To manage the SVM resources, an SVM administrator logs in to an SVM by using the user name and password provided by the cluster administrator. The SVM administrator can use an appropriate Secure Shell client application, such as PuTTY for Windows operating system and OpenSSH for UNIX operating system.

Before you begin

You must have the management IP address of the SVM, user name, and password.

About this task

After you log in, you might be able to manage all or some of the following SVM resources depending on the capabilities assigned to your account by the cluster administrator:

You can also monitor the network connection, network interface, LDAP client configuration, and SVM health.

Note: Clustered Data ONTAP supports only the AES and 3DES encryption algorithms (also known as ciphers) for SSH.


  1. To log in to an SVM by using SSH application, perform the appropriate action depending on the operating system:
    If your host has... Then...
    Windows operating system
    1. Enter the management IP address of the SVM in the SSH application.
    2. At the login prompt, enter the user name and password.
    UNIX or Linux operating system Enter the following command from the client application:ssh vserver_admin_name@vserver_ip_address

    vserver_admin_name is the user name.

    vserver_ip_address is the management IP address of the SVM.

    Note: If you or the cluster administrator has created a public key for your user account, you do not require a password to log in to the SVM.