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Upgrading VSC for VMware vSphere from a 32-bit installation to a 64-bit installation

If you are currently running Virtual Storage Console 4.x for VMware vSphere on a 32-bit Windows platform, you can upgrade to VSC 6.2, which requires a 64-bit platform. Going to a 64-bit platform requires that you manually move directories from the 4.x installation to the 6.2 installation in addition to performing the standard upgrade procedures.

Before you begin


  1. Download the VSC software package.
  2. (VSC 4.x system) Stop the VSC Windows service.
    If you have been using the backup and restore features, you must also stop the SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI) service.
  3. (VSC 4.x system) Copy the following VSC 4.x directories and files, which are all relative to the VSC installation directory:
    Note: To make moving these files to your VSC 6.2 installation easier, you can create a .zip file to contain them.
    • etc\
    • etc\nvpf.keystore
    • etc\nvpf.override
    • etc\
    • etc\caster\casterprefs.xml
    • etc\caster\derby\
    • etc\caster\kaminosdkprefs.xml
    • etc\kamino\baselines.ser
    • etc\kamino\connectionBrokers.ser
    • etc\kamino\vcenters.ser
    • etc\kamino\kaminoprefs.xml
    • etc\vsc\vsc.xml
    • etc\vsc\vscPreferences.xml
    • log\
    • smvi\server\etc\cred
    • smvi\server\etc\keystore
    • smvi\server\etc\smvi.keystore
    • smvi\server\repository\
  4. (VSC 6.2 system) Run the VSC 6.2 installation program.
    This program automatically installs the VSC features.

    See the "Software licenses" section for more information about which licenses you might require.

  5. (VSC 6.2 system) Register VSC with the vCenter Server when the registration web page opens.
    For details about how to register VSC or what to do if the registration web page does not open, see the "Registering VSC for VMware vSphere with vCenter Server" section.
  6. (VSC 6.2 system) Stop the VSC Windows service.
  7. (VSC 6.2 system) Place the VSC 4.x files into your VSC 6.2 installation.
    If you created a .zip file to contain these directories and files, you must paste it into the VSC 6.2 installation directory and then unzip it.
    You should paste these files relative to the VSC 6.2 installation directory.
  8. (VSC 6.2 system) Restart the VSC Windows service.
  9. (VSC 6.2 system) Reregister VSC with the vCenter Server.
  10. (VSC 6.2 system) Verify that the expected data (storage systems, backup jobs, and so on) appears in VSC after you complete the upgrade from a 32-bit system to VSC 6.2.
  11. (VSC 4.x system) When your VSC 6.2 installation is running and you have verified that it has the correct data, uninstall the VSC 4.x program by using one of the following methods:
    • Go to the Windows Add or Remove Programs list and remove VSC 4.x.
    • Perform a silent uninstallation: installer.exe /s /v"/qn /Li logfile REMOVE=ALL INSTALLDIR= \"install_path\" "