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Performing a standard VSC for VMware vSphere upgrade installation

If you are using VSC 4.x or later of Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere, you can use VSC installer to upgrade to a new version. The VSC installer checks the version numbers of each of the currently installed VSC component to determine whether you are upgrading to a newer version.

Before you begin

The VSC installer does not support upgrades from the following:
  • A stand-alone version of Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU)
  • A stand-alone version of SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI)

If you have any of that software installed, you must uninstall it before you can install the current version of VSC. If the VSC installer finds RCU or SMVI on the server, it prompts you to uninstall the software, and then aborts.

You must be logged in with administrator privileges to the machine where you installing VSC.

If you plan to register VSC with SnapCenter, you should have installed VSC and SnapCenter on different hosts.

Important: If you are using VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP, you must have unregistered it from VSC before you install the upgrade.

About this task

The VSC installer automatically upgrades all the installed VSC features to the newer versions.


  1. Download the installer for VSC.
  2. Double-click the installer icon, and then click Run to start the installation wizard.
  3. Click Yes on the confirmation prompt.
  4. Review your installation options.
    By default, the installation wizard installs all of the VSC features.
  5. Click Next to start the installation.

    The wizard automatically selects all currently installed features and upgrades them.

    The installation might take several minutes.

  6. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  7. At the web page that appears when the installation is complete, register VSC with the vCenter Server.

    You must provide the vCenter Server host name or IP address and the administrative credentials.

    Note: To register VSC with the vCenter Server, you must have administrator privileges for your Windows login.