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Replacing the E5600SG controller

You might need to replace the E5600SG controller.

Before you begin

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About this task

If both controllers are functioning sufficiently to allow for a controlled shutdown, you can shut down the E5600SG controller first to interrupt the connectivity to the E2700 controller.


  1. Use antistatic protection.
  2. Label each cable that is attached to the E5600SG controller, so you can reconnect the cables correctly.
    Attention: To prevent degraded performance, do not twist, fold, pinch, or step on the cables. Do not bend the cables tighter than a 5-cm (2-in) radius.
  3. If the StorageGRID Webscale appliance is running in a StorageGRID Webscale system, shut down the E5600SG controller.
    1. At the Storage Node, access a command shell and log in as root using the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.
    2. Stop all StorageGRID Webscale services:/etc/init.d/servermanager stop
    3. Shut down the E5600SG controller:shutdown -h now
  4. Turn off the power to the enclosure, and wait until all LED and seven-segment display activity on the rear of the controller has stopped.
  5. Remove the cables.
  6. Remove the controller, as described in the E5600SG controller documentation.
  7. Insert the new controller, as described in the E5600SG controller documentation.
  8. Replace all cables.
  9. Turn the power back on to the enclosure.
  10. Monitor the seven-segment codes.
    • E2700 controller:

      The final LED state is 99.

    • E5600SG controller:

      The final LED state is HA for version 1.5 or later, or SG for version 1.3.

  11. Verify post-replacement operation by checking that the Storage Node appears accurately in the Grid Management Interface and that no alarms appear.