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Verifying connectivity

You should verify the connectivity from the appliance management port on the E2700 controller and the E5600SG controller to ensure that they are working, ensure that both controllers have valid IP addresses, and verify SAS interconnect connectivity.

Before you begin

You must have access to the service laptop with SANtricity Storage Manager installed.


  1. Verify connectivity from the appliance Management Port 1 on each controller to another device on the management network by entering the IP address: ping <IP_address>
  2. In SANtricity Storage Manager, click the Devices tab of the Enterprise Management page to display information about the storage arrays.
  3. Double-click the storage array.
  4. In the Array Management page, click the Hardware tab to see the configuration.
  5. Perform one of these steps, depending on the status shown:
    No problems need to be resolved.
    Needs Attention
    Select Storage Array > Recovery Guru and follow the steps in the Recovery Guru to resolve the issue.
    Refer to the online Help topics in the Enterprise Management page for the procedure.
  6. To verify the SAS interconnect connectivity, do the following:
    • Connect to Management Port 2 on the E5600SG controller with an Ethernet cable.
    • Open SANtricity Storage Manager on the service laptop and access the E2700 controller using the link-local IP address

    If SANtricity Storage Manager connects to the E2700 controller, the SAS interconnect connection is successful.