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Hardware setup appears to hang

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance hardware installation cannot begin or appears halted.
This issue occurs when the hardware installation cannot locate a required installation file, the factory image is incomplete or corrupt, or the hardware installation is still in progress.
Corrective action
  1. Check the Needs Attention LED on either controller and look for a flashing error code.

    During power up, the Service Action Allowed and Service Action Required LEDs are turned on while the hardware is initializing. The upper decimal point of the lower digit, called the diagnostic LED, also illuminates. The seven-segment display runs through a sequence of codes that are common for both controllers. This is normal and is not an indication of an error. When the hardware boots successfully, the Service Action LEDs are turned off, and the displays are driven by the firmware.

  2. On the E5600SG controller controller, review the seven-segment codes that are not errors.
    Note: The installation and provisioning take time. Some installation phases do not report updates to the installer for several minutes.

    When an error occurs, the Controller Fault LED illuminates and the seven-segment displays flash a sequence beginning with an E code, such as EM.

  3. If a seven-segment error code appears, depending on the controller, use the following references:
    Controller Reference
    E2700 controller NetApp E-Series documentation
    E5600SG controller Seven-segment error codes, such as EI or EM
  4. If this does not resolve the connection issue, contact technical support from the NetApp Support Site at