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Backing up from a Snapshot copy that is older than the base Snapshot copy

You might want to replicate a special, manually initiated Snapshot copy to the SnapVault backup. The Snapshot copy is one that is not in the sequence scheduled by the SnapVault policy assigned to the SnapVault relationship.

Before you begin

You must have cluster administrator privileges to perform this task for a cluster. You must have Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) administrator privileges to perform this task for an SVM.


  1. Begin the backup transfer of the older Snapshot copy by using the snapmirror update command.
    The following command starts an out-of-order transfer of Snapshot copy SC3 from the source volume srcvolA on SVM vserverA and the secondary volume dstvolB on SVM vserverB: vserverA::> snapmirror update -source-path vserverA:srcvolA -destination-path vserverB:dstvolB -snapshot SC3


After the backup finishes, the transferred Snapshot copy becomes the base.