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Converting a SnapVault relationship to a version flexible SnapMirror relationship

You can convert a SnapVault relationship to a version flexible SnapMirror relationship to better control the Snapshot copies you replicate and retain.

About this task

Converting from a SnapVault relationship to a version-flexible SnapMirror relationship requires only a change of policy with its associated rules and retention. What Data ONTAP does with existing Snapshot copies on the destination volume depends on how you set up the policy.


  1. Create a policy that the version flexible SnapMirror relationship will use by using the snapmirror policy create command with the -type async-mirror or -type mirror-vault parameter.
    The following command creates a version flexible SnapMirror policy called "vserverB-DR-policy" that will be used for SnapMirror style disaster recovery in which only the SnapMirror created Snapshot copy is transferred :
    cluster2::> snapmirror policy create -vserver vserverB -policy vserverB-DR-policy 
    -policy-type async-mirror -comment "DR policy"
  2. Apply the policy to the existing SnapVault relationship by using the snapmirror modify command with the -policy parameter.
    vs2::> snapmirror modify -destination-path
    vserverB:dstvolB -policy vserverB-DR-policy
  3. Update the relationship, which is now a version flexible SnapMirror relationship, by using the snapmirror update command.
    vs2::> snapmirror update -destination-path