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Providing read-only access from the destination SVM

For remote data access or data distribution, you can provide read-only access to the NFS clients and SAN hosts from the destination SVM, if you chose to set the identity-preserve option to false. You can also verify that the disaster recovery setup by verifying the data access from the destination SVM.

Before you begin

About this task


  1. Start the destination SVM by using the vserver start command.
    destination_cluster::>vserver start -vserver dvs1
  2. Verify that the destination SVM is in the running state and the subtype is dp-destination by using the vserver show command.
    destination_cluster::> vserver show
                                        Admin      Operational Root
    Vserver  Type    Subtype            State      State       Volume     Aggregate
    -------- ------- ----------        ---------- ----------- ---------- ----------
    dvs1     data    dp-destination    running    running     vol1         aggr1

After you finish

The clients must mount or scan as per the protocol requirements for accessing the data from the destination SVM.