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Creating a SnapVault backup in a prepopulated FlexVol volume

You can protect data that has long-term storage requirements on a FlexVol Volume by replicating selected Snapshot copies to a SnapVault backup on another Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) or cluster. The SnapVault secondary volume might contain data that already exists from a previous data protection mirror or SnapVault relationship or has been loaded from a tape backup.

Before you begin


  1. On the destination SVM, establish the relationship by using the snapmirror resync command and the -type XDP parameter.
    If the most recent common Snapshot copy between the primary and the secondary is deleted from the primary but there exists another, older common Snapshot copy, you can also use the -preserve option. This option performs a logical local rollback to make the data in the primary and the secondary the same, and then it replicates all newer Snapshot copies from the source that match the SnapVault policy.
    The following command creates a SnapVault relationship between the primary volume srcvolA on SVM vserverA and the prepopulated secondary volume dstvolB on SVM vserverB: vserverB::> snapmirror resync -source-path vserverA:srcvolA -destination-path vserverB:dstvolB -type XDP