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Configurations replicated in an SVM disaster recovery relationship

When you set up the SVM disaster recovery relationship, the value you select for the -identity-preserve option of the snapmirror create command determines the configurations that are replicated in the destination SVM.

If you set the -identity-preserve option to true, all the configuration details except the SAN configuration are replicated. If you set the option to false, only a subset of the configuration details that are not associated with the network configuration are replicated.

The following table lists the configuration details that are replicated when the -identity-preserve option is set to true or false:

Configuration Replicated if the -identity-preserve is set to true Replicated if the -identity-preserve is set to false
CIFS CIFS server Yes No
CIFS policy Local groups and local user Yes Yes
Privilege Yes Yes
Shadow copy Yes Yes
BranchCache Yes Yes
Server options Yes Yes
Server security Yes No
Home directory, share Yes Yes
Symlink Yes Yes
Fpolicy policy, Fsecurity policy, and Fsecurity NTFS Yes Yes
Name mapping and group mapping Yes Yes
Audit information Yes Yes
NFS Export policies Yes No
Export policy rules Yes No
NFS server and Kerberos configuration Yes No
Network NAS LIFs Yes No
Firewall policies Yes No
Routes Yes No
Broadcast domain No No
Subnet No No
IPspace No No
RBAC Security certificates Yes No
Login user, public key, role, and role configuration Yes Yes
SSL Yes No
Name services DNS and DNS hosts Yes No
UNIX user and UNIX group Yes Yes
Kerberos realm and Kerberos keyblocks Yes No
LDAP and LDAP client Yes No
Netgroup Yes No
NIS Yes No
Web and web access Yes No
Volume Object Yes Yes
Snapshot copies, Snapshot policy, and autodelete policy Yes Yes
Efficiency policy Yes Yes
Quota policy and quota policy rule Yes Yes
Recovery queue Yes Yes
Root volume Namespace Yes Yes
User data No No
Qtrees No No
Quotas No No
File-level QoS No No
Attributes: state of the root volume, space guarantee, size, export policies, autosize, and total number of files No No
Storage QoS QoS policy group Yes Yes
Fibre Channel (FC) No No
LUNs Object Yes Yes
igroups No No
portsets No No
SNMP v3 users Yes No
Note: Cluster-level objects such as aggregates are not replicated.