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Example of creating a tiered backup policy

Data ONTAP uses the snapmirror-label attribute to identify Snapshot copies between primary and secondary FlexVol volumes in a SnapVault relationship. When you configure rules in a SnapVault policy, you enter the snapmirror-label name that you want to use to identify the Snapshot copies to which the rule applies.

In a tiered backup strategy, a SnapVault policy might have several rules, each one identifying a different set of Snapshot copies. In this example, you have a volume to which you have assigned a Snapshot policy that specifies the following schedule:

In addition, the volume is part of an Oracle database. Using the online management tool for Host Services Agent for Oracle, you set up a schedule that creates a Snapshot copy every day at 5:00 p.m. These Snapshot copies are assigned the attribute -snapmirror-label Oracle-consistent.

To set up tiered, disk-to-disk data protection for this volume, in which only the Snapshot copies labeled daily, weekly, and Oracle-consistent are replicated to the SnapVault backup, you do the following:

  1. Create a separate rule for each of the three types of Snapshot copies that you want replicated to the SnapVault secondary volume.

    You should have three rules. Each rule must specify the retention count. For this example, you configure a retention count of 20 for the daily Snapshot copies, 24 for the weekly Snapshot copies, and 100 for the Oracle-consistent Snapshot copies.

  2. Create a new "TieredOracle" SnapVault policy by using the snapmirror policy create command, and add the rules you created in Step 1.
  3. Assign the new SnapVault policy to the SnapVault relationship that exists between the primary and secondary volumes.

The new SnapVault policy configuration is as follows:

Vserver   Policy       Number Of         Transfer            
Name      Name         Rules      Tries  Priority Restart   Comment
--------- -----------  ---------- ------ -------- --------  ------------------------
vs1       TieredOracle 3          8      normal   default   Example of a tiered backup policy
    SnapMirror-label: daily                 Keep: 20
                      weekly                      24
              Oracle-consistent                   100