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Restoring a single file from a Snapshot copy of a FlexVol volume

You can restore a single file to the required version from a Snapshot copy of a FlexVol volume.

Before you begin

About this task

The restored file can replace an existing file with the same name in the active file system or become a new file if there is data in the existing file that you want to retain. You can also restore LUNs, but you cannot restore a single file from a Snapshot copy of an Infinite Volume.

If you are restoring an existing LUN, a LUN clone is created and is backed up in the form of a Snapshot copy. During the restore operation, you can read to and write from the LUN.


  1. To restore a single file or LUN, use the volume snapshot restore-file command.
    The restore operation might take a long time, depending on the size of the file or LUN that you are restoring.

    If you want to display the number of in-progress single file restore operations, use the volume snapshot restore-file-info command.