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Reenabling storage efficiency on a SnapVault destination volume

To reestablish storage-efficient data transfers after you disable compression for a SnapVault destination volume, you must manually enable storage efficiency on the volume. After you disable data compression, all data transfers continue to be physical transfers (storage efficiency is not preserved) until you manually reenable storage efficiency.

Before you begin


  1. On the destination cluster of the SnapVault relationship, use the snapmirror update command with the -enable-storage-efficiency parameter.
    The command enables storage efficiency and begins processing a data transfer. The operation first enters the "preparing" state, during which the system might perform compression and uncompression operations to achieve symmetry between the source and destination volumes. When symmetry is achieved, a storage-efficient Snapshot copy is transferred to the SnapVault destination.
    Note: Because the processing time for this transfer might take a longer time than usual, transfer progress is displayed as the percent complete instead of the number of bytes.