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Data protection in a SAN environment

If FlexVol volumes contain logical units of storage (LUNs) created to enable integration into a storage area network (SAN) environment, the procedures to implement data protection might have to be modified. Infinite Volumes do not support SAN environments or LUNs.

Data protection mirror copies and SnapVault backups are achieved by the use of volume-to-volume relationships. Therefore, to protect data in a LUN, you back up the volume that contains the LUN.

Path-related metadata such as Persistent Reservations, are not replicated to a SnapVault backup. When you restore a volume from a SnapVault secondary volume, the LUNs in the SnapVault secondary volume are exported with a different identity from their counterparts in the source volume. Therefore, you must configure new access controls for the restored LUNs.

For more information about the descriptions of data backup and restore on volumes containing Data ONTAP LUNs, see the Clustered Data ONTAP SAN Administration Guide.