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Commands for creating and mirroring an array LUN aggregate

You can either use a single command to create an array LUN aggregate and mirror it or use different commands to create the aggregate first and then mirror it.

Important: In a MetroCluster configuration, you must create a mirrored aggregate in a single step.
The commands for creating and mirroring array LUN aggregates are as follows:
To... The command to use is...
Create an aggregate and mirror it in the same step storage aggregate create

You can use the -mirror parameter and the -diskcount with this command to distribute the array LUNs into two plexes according to their count.

If you want to specify the array LUNs to include in the plexes, you can use the -disklist and the -mirror-disklist parameters.

Mirror an existing aggregate storage aggregate mirror
Note: You cannot create an unmirrored aggregate for a MetroCluster configuration.

For more information about these commands, see the man pages.