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What a basic backup deployment is

A basic data protection deployment consists of two volumes, either FlexVol volumes or Infinite Volumes, in a one-to-one, source-to-destination relationship. This deployment backs up data to one location, which provides a minimal level of data protection.

In a data protection configuration, source volumes are the data objects that need to be replicated. Typically, users can access and write to source volumes.

Destination volumes are data objects to which the source volumes are replicated. Destination volumes are read-only. Destination FlexVol volumes are usually placed on a different Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) from the source SVM. Destination Infinite Volumes must be placed on a different SVM from the source SVM. Destination volumes can be accessed by users in case the source becomes unavailable. The administrator can use SnapMirror commands to make the replicated data at the destination accessible and writable.

The following illustration depicts a basic data protection deployment:
Basic SnapMirror backup deployment