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Testing database applications

You can use data protection mirror relationships to create a copy of database data on which to test software applications that run on a database, to avoid the possibility of changing or corrupting the database.

Before you begin

The volume that contains the database must be in a data protection mirror relationship.


  1. On the destination Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), make the destination volume writeable by using the snapmirror break command.

    The following example breaks a SnapMirror relationship that has the vs2:Test_vol volume as its destination volume.

    vs2::>> snapmirror break -destination-path vs2:Test_vol
  2. Run the application on the data in the former destination volume (vs2:Test_vol).
  3. Check the data in the former destination volume (vs2:Test_vol).
  4. If testing results in alterations to the data that you do not want, use the snapmirror resync command to reestablish the mirror relationship.
  5. Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4, until you are satisfied with the testing.
  6. Optional: After completing the test, you can restore the SnapMirror relationship by resynchronizing the source and the destination volumes.