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Common errors when setting up SyncMirror pools with array LUNs

Your SyncMirror setup for array LUNs will not be successful if your local and remote pool assignments do not match the actual location of the array LUNs.

The following table shows the result of common errors in array LUN SyncMirror pool assignment:

Error Result
You assign some array LUNs from the local storage array to the remote pool, or you assign some array LUNs from the remote storage array to the local pool. You cannot create the mirror for the aggregate. The mirror creation process does not allow mixed pools within a plex.
You reverse the pool settings for each set of array LUNs. That is, you assign all the LUNs on the local storage array that you want to use for mirroring the aggregate to the remote pool p1) and assign the set of LUNs on the remote storage array to the local pool (p0) Data ONTAP allows you to create the mirrored aggregate. If one storage array becomes unavailable, the wrong side of the plex is reported as unavailable. The data is still on the storage array that is available.
You plan to use two storage arrays for SyncMirror but you mistakenly create a mirrored aggregate with both pools from the same storage array. Data is lost if the storage array fails.