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Manually updating data protection mirror copies on destination volumes

You can schedule updates to data protection mirror copies for destination FlexVol volumes or Infinite Volumes, or you can manually update a data protection mirror copy to transfer Snapshot copies between the source and destination volume. However, for Infinite Volumes, you cannot choose which Snapshot copies to transfer.

Before you begin

About this task

You can have cluster administrator or Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) administrator privileges to perform this task.

When you update a destination volume, all of the Snapshot copies from the source volume are transferred to the destination volume. In addition, any Snapshot copies deleted from the source volume are deleted from the destination volume during the update. Similarly, any new Snapshot copies on the source volume are transferred to the destination volume.


  1. On the destination cluster, manually update a destination volume by using the snapmirror update command.
    The following command updates the data protection mirror relationship for a destination volume named repo_vol_dest on an SVM named vs0_dest:
    vs2::> snapmirror update -destination-path vs0_dest:repo_vol_dest