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Monitoring Snapshot copy disk consumption

You can monitor Snapshot copy disk consumption using the df command, which displays the amount of free space on a disk.

About this task

For an Infinite Volume, the df command displays information about all of the data constituents, not about the Infinite Volume as a whole.


  1. To display information about Snapshot copy disk consumption, use the df command.

    The df command treats Snapshot copies as a partition different from the active file system. The following example shows a volume with these characteristics:

    • The total volume capacity (kbytes column) is 4,000,000 KB (4 GB): 3,000,000 KB (75 percent) for the active file system, and 1,000,000 KB (25 percent) for Snapshot copies.
    • The active file system is using 2,000,000 KB of its 3,000,000 KB capacity (66 percent, rounded to 65 percent in the capacity column), leaving 1,000,000 KB (34 percent) available.
    • Snapshot copies are using 500,000 KB of their 1,000,000 KB capacity (50 percent in the capacity column), leaving 500,000 KB (50 percent of the space allotted for Snapshot copies, not 50 percent of disk space) available.
      Note: It is important to understand that the /vol/vol0/.snapshot line counts data that exists only in a Snapshot copy. The Snapshot copy calculation does not include Snapshot copy data that is shared with the active file system.
    cluster1::> df
    Filesystem 	          kbytes     used    avail    capacity  Mounted on      Vserver
    /vol/vol0/	          3000000  2000000  1000000         65%  ---             vs1
    /vol/vol0/.snapshot   1000000  500000    500000         50%  ---             vs1