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Preparing your AWS environment

Your AWS environment must meet a few requirements so that Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud operate correctly in AWS.

Before you begin

You should be familiar with AWS networking: Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), subnets, and security groups. AWS Documentation: Your VPC and Subnets.


  1. Set up your VPC, subnets, and security groups according to the following requirements:
    The easiest way to set up your AWS networking is to use the VPC wizard and choose one of the most common deployments: a VPC with public and private subnets and a NAT device, or a VPC with a private subnet and VPN access. You can then use the pre-defined security groups that are available when you launch the Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud instances.

    Sample VPC configurations for Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud

  2. Grant the required permissions so Cloud Manager can perform operations in AWS.
  3. Review AWS default limits so that you do not reach limits that impact ONTAP Cloud instances.
  4. Optional: Set up AWS billing and cost management so that Cloud Manager can display compute and storage costs for ONTAP Cloud instances.
  5. If you want to launch Cloud Manager in AWS, create an EC2 key pair, if you do not have one.
    You need a key pair to decrypt the login information for the Cloud Manager instance.