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Adding a missing disk model

If acquisition fails due to a missing disk model, you can add the missing disk model to the new_disk_models.txt file and run acquisition again.

Before you begin

Understand the information needed to describe this data source because inaccurate information in the new_disk_models.txt file produces incorrect system data.

About this task

Because OnCommand Insight usually reads the internal disk model daily, the new data model information is updated automatically. Although you no longer need to restart the server for the changes to take effect, you can optionally restart the server to have the changes take effect before the next update.


  1. Open Windows Notepad or another text editor to add the missing disk model information, .
  2. Open the new_disk_models.txt file.
    This file is located in your Insight installation at C:\Program Files\SANscreen\jboss\server\onaro\deploy\datasources.war.
  3. Back up this file to prevent it from being overwritten during an upgrade.
  4. Add the required information for the new data source.
  5. Save the file in the deploy\datasources.war directory on your server.