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Replacing a Drive in E2600, E2700, E5400, E5500, E5600, or 12-Drive or 24-Drive Trays

The Recovery Guru in SANtricity Storage Manager monitors the drives in the storage array and can notify you of an impending drive failure or an actual drive failure. When a drive has failed, its amber Attention LED is on. You can hot-swap a failed drive while the storage array is receiving I/O operations.

About this task

This document describes how to replace a failed drive in the following controller-drive trays or drive trays.
Model Support 12 drives Support 24 drives
Controller-drive trays E2612, E2712, E5412, E5512, E5612 E2624, E2724, E5424, E5524, E5624
Drive trays DE1600 DE5600
Flash arrays   EF540, EF550, EF560


  1. Determine whether you have a failed drive.
    You know you have a failed drive if either is true:
    • The Recovery Guru has directed you to replace a failed drive.
    • You have located the failed drive by checking the two amber Service Action Required LEDs in two locations: the drive tray and the drive itself.
  2. Obtain the replacement drive.

    Install only drives that are specifically designed for your controller-drive tray and that have been specifically tested, formatted, and qualified in the factory as replacement drives for your controller-drive tray.

    Attention: Possible equipment damage – You must replace the drive within three minutes after removal to prevent the possibility of overheating the equipment.
    Attention: Possible loss of data access – Magnetic fields can destroy all data on the drive and cause irreparable damage to the drive circuitry. To avoid the loss of data access and damage to the drives, always keep drives away from magnetic devices.
    Attention: Possible hardware damage – To prevent electrostatic discharge damage to the tray, use proper antistatic protection when handling tray components.