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LEDs on the IOMs

All DE460C drive shelves have two I/O modules (IOMs). In a duplex array, all DE212C and DE224C drive shelves have two IOMs. In a simplex array, all DE212C and DE224C drive shelves have one IOM. The IOMs include the SAS ports for connecting the drive shelf to the controller shelf or to other drive shelves.

  • Each IOM has an Attention LED and a Locate LED.
  • Each IOM has four SAS ports, each with a Port Link LED and a Port Attention LED.
The IOM LEDs are shown in the following figure:

1 SAS Port Attention
2 IOM Attention
3 SAS Port Link
4 Locate
The following table describes the IOM LEDs and their operational states:
LED Status indicator Description
Attention Amber

The IOM is not functioning correctly.


The IOM is functioning correctly.

Locate Blue

There is an active request to physically locate the drive shelf.

Note: When this LED is activated, the Locate LED on the left end cap of the drive shelf is also activated. Locate LEDs turn off automatically after 30 minutes.

There is no active request to locate the drive shelf.

SAS Port Link Green

The SAS port established a link (with either a controller or another drive shelf).


No link is established to another SAS port.

SAS Port Attention Amber

One or more of the links in the port are not working properly.


The port is optimal and no link error has occurred.