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Adding a SnapCenter role-based user account to enable SnapCenter storage connections to an AltaVault appliance

If you are using SnapCenter for data protection management, you must add a SnapCenter role-based account to AltaVault. You will later add a storage connection in SnapCenter and will need this account's credential information.

About this task

You can add a user using the AltaVault graphical user interface (GUI) or by using the AltaVault CLI.


  1. Log in to AltaVault.
  2. Select Configure > User Permissions.

    User Permissions page
  3. In the Role-Based Accounts section, click Add a New User to add a user account that will be used by SnapCenter.
  4. Enter an account name and password and check Enable Account.
  5. Click Read/Write permissions for the following roles: General Settings, Replication Settings, and Storage Settings.
  6. Click Add.