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Creating an SNMP community for clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later

You can create an SNMP community that acts as an authentication mechanism between the management station and the cluster when using SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c.

About this task

You must use the CLI to enable SNMP on the cluster.


  1. Use the system snmp community add command to create an SNMP community.
    The following command creates an SNMP community:
    cluster1::> system snmp community add -type ro -community-name public
    The default string in System Manager is public. However, you can use other community strings. You must specify the correct community string while adding or discovering clusters in System Manager.
  2. Use the system snmp community show command to verify that the communities have been created.
    The following command displays the different communities created for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c:
    cluster1::> system snmp community show
    cluster1 ro  public       
  3. Use the firewall policy show -service snmp command to verify that SNMP is allowed as a service in the cluster firewall policy.
    The following example shows that the SNMP service is allowed in the cluster firewall policy:
    cluster1::> firewall policy show -service snmp
      (system services firewall policy show)
    Policy           Service    Action IP-List
    ---------------- ---------- ------ --------------------
                     snmp       allow
                     snmp       deny, ::/0
                     snmp       deny
                     snmp       allow, ::/0
    4 entries were displayed.
  4. If the firewall data policy has SNMP service set to deny, use the firewall policy modify -service snmp -policy cluster -action allow command to set it to allow.
  5. Use the options snmp.enable command to enable SNMP on the cluster.
    The following example shows that SNMP is enabled on the cluster:
    cluster1::> options snmp.enable
        snmp.enable                       on