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Setting up a data source

You must set up a connection with a data source in OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) to acquire data from the data source.

Before you begin

About this task

You can add multiple Unified Manager server data sources to WFA using this procedure. However, you must not use this procedure if you want to pair Unified Manager server 6.3 and later with WFA and use the protection functionality in Unified Manager server.

For more information about pairing WFA with Unified Manager server 6.x, see the OnCommand Unified Manager Online Help.

Note: While setting up a data source with WFA, you must be aware that OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2 data source types are deprecated in the WFA 4.0 release, and these data source types will not be supported in future releases.


  1. Access WFA using a web browser.
  2. Click Settings, and under Setup click Data Sources.
  3. Choose the appropriate action:
    To... Do this...
    Create a new data source Click New icon on the toolbar.
    Edit a restored data source if you have upgraded WFA Select the existing data source entry, and click Edit icon on the toolbar.
    If you have added a Unified Manager server data source to WFA and then upgraded the version of the Unified Manager server, WFA will not recognize the upgraded version of the Unified Manager server. You must delete the previous version of the Unified Manager server and then add the upgraded version of the Unified Manager server to WFA.
  4. In the New Data Source dialog box, select the required data source type, and enter a name for the data source and the host name.
    Based on the selected data source type, the port, user name, password, and timeout fields might be automatically populated with the default data, if available. You can edit these entries as required.
  5. Choose an appropriate action:
    For... Do this...
    OnCommand Unified Manager versions earlier than 6.0 Enter the user name and password that you used for overriding the default credentials while running ocsetup tool.
    OnCommand Unified Manager 6.3 and later Enter the credentials of the Database User account that you created on the Unified Manager server. See OnCommand Unified Manager Online Help for details on creating a database user account.
    Performance Advisor for (OnCommand Unified Manager versions earlier than 6.0) Enter the credentials of an OnCommand Unified Manager user with a minimum role of GlobalRead.
    Note: You must not provide the credentials of an OnCommand Unified Manager Database User account that was created using the command-line interface or the ocsetup tool.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Optional: In the Data Sources table, select the data source, and click Acquire now icon on the toolbar.
  8. Verify the status of the data acquisition process.