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Clone Category dialog box

The Clone Category dialog box enables you to copy a workflow category and edit the category.

Enables you to edit the name for the category. The name of the category you have selected to clone is used as the name for the clone and appended with - copy by default.
Enables you to enter a description for the category.
Available Workflows
Displays all the available workflows that are not moved to the Selected Workflows box.
Selected Workflows
Displays all the workflows you have selected for the category.
Category Used for Workflow Authorization
Enables you to select users with operator role who can execute the category. By default, the check box is not selected and the category is available for all users.
Available Operators
Displays all the users with operator role.
Selected Operators
Displays the users who are allowed to execute the category.

Command buttons

Selection buttons
Enables you to move the selected entry from one box to another.
Saves the category and closes the dialog box.
Does not save the category and closes the dialog box.