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New Credentials dialog box

The New Credentials dialog box enables you to create a new credential.

Credential parameters

You can set the following parameters for the newly created credential:

Enables you to select the match type of the credential, which defines the credential for either a specific IP address or host name, or an entire subnet or IP range. You can select one of the following options:
  • Exact: defines credentials for a specific IP or host name
  • Pattern: defines credentials for the host name range or the entire subnet or IP range

    Pattern is a regular expression that is used for matching a string. For example, 10.10.10.* matches any IP in the range through, and host* matches all host names starting with host.

Enables you to select the host type from the drop-down list.
Note: VMware vCenter is not supported for Linux.
Enables you to specify the host name or IP address for the credential.
User Name
Enables you to specify a user name for the credential.
Enables you to specify a password for the user name that you created for the credential.
Overwrite Default Values
Enables you to overwrite the default values of the protocol, port, and timeout that are associated with the selected remote system type for the credential.

By default, this check box is not selected. You must select the check box if you want to overwrite the default values.

Command buttons

Enables you to test the connection to the host or IP address by logging in using the required credentials.
Saves the configuration settings and closes the dialog box.
Cancels changes, if any, and closes the dialog box.