Module netapp_ontap.config

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This module contains the global configuration options and related functions for the library.

Global variables


This HostConnection object, if set, is used as the default connection for all library operations if no other connection is set at a more specific level. The hierarchy of lookups is:

  • Any connection being used as a context manager (i.e. inside a with block)
  • The connection set on a resource using Resource.set_connection()
  • The global connection set here.

If none of these are set, an exception will be raised when a request is attempted.


If set to True, the library will raise an exception if a request fails. If set to false, the library will not raise an exception and the application is responsible to check if the response was an error or not.


def set_error_model(raise_api_errors: bool = True)

Set the error model for the library.

By default, operations (GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE) will raise an exception if the response code from the host is >= 400. The exception object will contain the response so that it can be handled in the client code.

Optionally, settings raise_api_errors to False will return the response and the client will be responsible for checking and handling any errors.


If set to true, the library will raise errors back to the application. If set to faise, errors will not be raised and the application must verify the responses itself.