Module netapp_ontap.models.certificate_signing_request

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class CertificateSigningRequestSchema (*, only: typing.Union = None, exclude: typing.Union = (), many: bool = False, context: typing.Dict = None, load_only: typing.Union = (), dump_only: typing.Union = (), partial: typing.Union = False, unknown: str = None)

The fields of the CertificateSigningRequest object


  • netapp_ontap.resource.ResourceSchema
  • marshmallow.schema.Schema
  • marshmallow.base.SchemaABC

Class variables

algorithm GET POST

Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm.

Valid choices:

  • rsa
  • ecc
csr GET

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) provided to a CA for obtaining a CA-signed certificate.

extended_key_usages GET POST PATCH

A list of extended key usage extensions.

generated_private_key GET

Private key generated for the CSR.

hash_function GET POST

Hashing function.

Valid choices:

  • sha256
  • sha224
  • sha384
  • sha512
key_usages GET POST PATCH

A list of key usage extensions.

The links field of the certificate_signing_request.

security_strength GET POST

Security strength of the certificate in bits.

subject_alternatives GET POST

The subject_alternatives field of the certificate_signing_request.

subject_name GET POST

Subject name details of the certificate. The format is a list of comma separated key=value pairs.

Example: C=US,O=NTAP,