Module netapp_ontap.models.auto_update_info_eula

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class AutoUpdateInfoEulaSchema (*, only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = None, exclude: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), many: bool = False, context: Dict = None, load_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), dump_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), partial: Union[bool, Sequence[str], Set[str]] = False, unknown: str = None)

The fields of the AutoUpdateInfoEula object


  • netapp_ontap.resource.ResourceSchema
  • marshmallow.schema.Schema
  • marshmallow.base.SchemaABC

Class variables

accepted GET

Flag indicating the End User License Agreement (EULA) acceptance. When the feature is enabled, it is assumed that the EULA is accepted.

Example: true

accepted_ip_address GET

IP Address from where the EULA was accepted.


accepted_timestamp GET

Date and time when the EULA was accepted.

Example: 2020-12-01T13:12:23.000+0000

user_id_accepted GET

User ID that provided the EULA acceptance.

Example: admin