Module netapp_ontap.models.fips

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class FipsSchema (*, only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = None, exclude: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), many: bool = False, context: Dict = None, load_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), dump_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), partial: Union[bool, Sequence[str], Set[str]] = False, unknown: str = None)

The fields of the Fips object


  • netapp_ontap.resource.ResourceSchema
  • marshmallow.schema.Schema
  • marshmallow.base.SchemaABC

Class variables

enabled GET PATCH

Indicates whether or not the software FIPS mode is enabled on the cluster. Our FIPS compliance involves configuring the use of only approved algorithms in applicable contexts (for example TLS), as well as the use of formally validated cryptographic module software implementations, where applicable. The US government documents concerning FIPS 140-2 outline the relevant security policies in detail.