Module netapp_ontap.resources.cluster_space

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class ClusterSpace (*args, **kwargs)

Allows interaction with ClusterSpace objects on the host

Initialize the instance of the resource.

Any keyword arguments are set on the instance as properties. For example, if the class was named 'MyResource', then this statement would be true:

MyResource(name='foo').name == 'foo'


Each positional argument represents a parent key as used in the URL of the object. That is, each value will be used to fill in a segment of the URL which refers to some parent object. The order of these arguments must match the order they are specified in the URL, from left to right.
each entry will have its key set as an attribute name on the instance and its value will be the value of that attribute.



def get(self, **kwargs) -> NetAppResponse

Reports cluster wide storage details across different tiers. By default, this endpoint returns all fields. Supports the following roles: admin, and readonly.

Fetch the details of the object from the host.

Requires the keys to be set (if any). After returning, new or changed properties from the host will be set on the instance.


A NetAppResponse object containing the details of the HTTP response.


NetAppRestError: If the API call returned a status code >= 400

Inherited members

class ClusterSpaceSchema (*, only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = None, exclude: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), many: bool = False, context: Dict = None, load_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), dump_only: Union[Sequence[str], Set[str]] = (), partial: Union[bool, Sequence[str], Set[str]] = False, unknown: str = None)

The fields of the ClusterSpace object


  • netapp_ontap.resource.ResourceSchema
  • marshmallow.schema.Schema
  • marshmallow.base.SchemaABC

Class variables

block_storage GET POST PATCH

The block_storage field of the cluster_space.

cloud_storage GET POST PATCH

The cloud_storage field of the cluster_space.

efficiency GET POST PATCH

Storage efficiency

efficiency_without_snapshots GET POST PATCH

Storage efficiency that does not include the savings provided by Snapshot copies.

efficiency_without_snapshots_flexclones GET POST PATCH

Storage efficiency that does not include the savings provided by Snapshot copies and FlexClones.