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Deleting interfaces from a vif

You might have to delete a physical interface from a vif—for example, when the interface needs maintenance or when you want to use the interface for a different purpose. You can use the vif delete command to delete one or more interfaces from a vif.

Before you begin

You must configure the vif to the down state before you can delete a network interface from the vif. You can configure the vif to the down status by using the following command: ifconfig vif_name down

vif_name is the name of the vif that you want to configure to the down status.

About this task

The operation performed using the vif delete command is not persistent across reboots unless the command is added to the /etc/rc file.


  1. Enter the following command: vif delete vif_name interface

    vif_name is the name of the vif.

    interface is the interface of the vif you want to delete.


    To delete the interface e4 from a multimode vif MultiTrunk1, enter the following commands: ifconfig MultiTrunk1 down vif delete MultiTrunk1 e4

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