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Installing root certificates on a storage system

You must install one or more root certificates in each of the storage systems that will be part of a security association among clients and storage systems.


  1. Download the root certificate (in PEM format, if possible) from the certificate authority's Web site.
  2. Copy the root certificate onto the root volume of the storage system.


    Mount the storage system's root volume on an NFS client, such as your administration console, and then copy the file containing the root certificate onto the storage system's root volume.

  3. If the root certificate is not in PEM format, convert it to PEM format.

    You can convert the certificate using the openssl utility. For more information, search the Internet for "openssl."

  4. Install the root certificate. From the storage system command line, enter the following command: keymgr install root path

    path is the full path and file name of the root certificate.