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How to monitor your storage system with SNMP

If you enable SNMP in Data ONTAP, the SNMP managers can query your storage system's SNMP agent for information. The SNMP agent gathers information and forwards it to the managers by using SNMP. The SNMP agent also generates trap notifications whenever specific events occur.

For diagnostic and other network management services, Data ONTAP provides an SNMP agent compatible with SNMP versions 1 and 3. SNMPv3 offers advanced security by using pass phrases and encryption. SNMPv3 supports the MIB-II specification and the MIBs of your storage system. The following MIB-II groups are supported:
Note: Transmission and EGP MIB-II groups are not supported.

Starting with Data ONTAP 7.3.1, IPv6 (RFC 2465), TCP (RFC 4022), UDP (RFC 4113), and ICMP (RFC 2466) MIBs, which show both IPv4 and IPv6 data, are supported.