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Monitoring durable handle status

Starting with Data ONTAP 8.1.1 and later releases in the 8.1 release family, you can monitor and display information about durable handles using the lock status command.

About this task

The lock status command displays the following information about durable handles:
  • The new durable_state field holds the current durable state of the lock.

    Durable handle states seen in the durable_state field include the following:

    • DH_NONE
      Note: This field is empty if lease locks are present.
  • If a lease oplock is present, the oplock field holds lease oplock and durable handle information.
    The following two lease oplock values seen in the oplock field indicate that the lease oplock uses durable handles (as indicated by the H designation):
    • Lease-RWH
    • Lease-RH


  1. Use the lock status command to display durable handle information.

    The durable_state field displays information about durable handles and the oplock field displays information on durable handles if lease oplocks are present.


The following command displays lock information about CIFS durable handle locks, including information about durable handles with lease oplock locks:

lock status -p cifs
CIFS path=\(/vol/vol1/) host= owner=administrator state=GRANTED mode=Read-denyN 
oplock=None durable_state=DH_NONE fsid=0x1eea09f9 fileid=0x00000040

CIFS path=\sample.txt(/vol/vol1/sample.txt) host= owner=administrator state=GRANTED
mode=RdWr-denyN oplock=None durable_state=DH_GRANTED fsid=0x1eea09f9 fileid=0x00000060

CIFS path= host= owner= state=GRANTED mode=None-denyN oplock=Lease-None 
durable_state= sid=0x1eea09f9 fileid=0x00000060