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Customizing a report's output format and delivery

You can customize the format and delivery method of a pre-defined OnCommand Insight report.


  1. Log into the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse.
  2. Open the OnCommand Insight Reporting Portal and select the report you want to customize.
  3. To the right of the report name are several Actions icons and a More link. Click the Run with options triangle icon to open the output format options for this report.

  4. Set these options:

    • Format as HTML, PDF, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Delimited Text (CSV), or XML
    • Accessibility check to enable accessibility support for this report
    • Language select from the list of available languages. The default is English (United States).
    • Delivery select to view the report, save it, or print the report on a selected printer
    • Prompt values check to prompt for values

  5. Click Run to produce the report using the selections.