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OnCommand Insight architecture

The OnCommand Insight Server is the main repository and analysis component. You access and manage OnCommand Insight using the Client and generate reports from the Reporting portal.

The OnCommand Insight architecture is shown in this illustration and comprised of the following main components.
OnCommand Insight architecture

OnCommand Insight Server
The OnCommand Insight main repository and analysis component. The Server provides access to the storage information and policies and provides impact analysis and simulation capabilities. The Server receives regular updates regarding environment changes from the Local and Remote Acquisition Units that are installed. These updates are passed through a secure communications channel and stored in the database.
OnCommand Insight Acquisition Unit
The OnCommand Insight acquisition component, which communicates with devices and provides device information to the OnCommand Insight Server. There are two types of Acquisition units:
  • Local Acquisition Unit (LAU) is installed with the OnCommand Insight Server.
  • Remote Acquisition Unit (RAU) can be optionally installed on one or more remote servers, as required.
OnCommand Insight Administration portal
The web-based interface that you can use to manage licenses, manage user accounts, perform backups, and connect to the OnCommand Insight Client.
OnCommand Insight Client
The OnCommand Insight Java-based user interface, which provides access to the various OnCommand Insight features through a graphical user interface. The OnCommand Insight Client runs on a PC that is compatible with the Client hardware and software requirements.
OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse and Reporting
The repository and report engine used to write custom reports utilizing available OnCommand Insight data. This component is installed on a separate PC that is compatible with the OnCommand Insight hardware and software requirements. IBM supplies the Query Studio, Report Studio, and Business Insight reporting utilities that are distributed with OnCommand Insight.
Note: Data Warehouse and Reporting should not be installed on the same computer as the OnCommand Insight Server.