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This data source collects ESX Hosts information.

Inventory fields



Communication port requirement http-80 https-443

443 is the default.

Virtual Center address Network address for the VirtualCenter/vSphere server, specified as an IP (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn format), or as a hostname that can be resolved through DNS.
User name Name used to log in to the VMware server. You need an account with read-only privileges within Virtual Center/vSphere.
Password Password used to log in to the VMware server.
Poll interval (min) Interval, in minutes, at which the data source should poll the device. Defaults to 20 minutes for VM Inventory.
Connection timeout (ms) 60,000 milliseconds is the default.
Exclude VMs by Optionally, choose to exclude ESX host IP or data center. Comma-separated list.
Exclusion list (comma separated, or semicolon separated if comma is used in the value) Comma-separated list of devices, identified by a generic device ID, that will not be discovered by this data source.

Performance field

Field Description
Perform poll interval (seconds): The recommended setting and default for the poll interval is 300 seconds.


Note: Third-party software is not required.