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Data compression on vFiler units

Data compression enables you to reduce space required to store data in vFiler units by compressing data blocks within a FlexVol volume. It is not supported at the qtree level. To use data compression, you must enable it on the required volumes of the vFiler unit.

Starting with Data ONTAP 8.1, data compression is supported on vFiler units.

As the hosting storage system (vfiler0) administrator, you can execute data compression commands on volumes owned by any vFiler unit in the storage system within the respective vFiler context. As a vFiler unit administrator, you can execute data compression commands only on the volumes owned by the vFiler unit.

Compressed data in volumes are also migrated during online migration. The FlexVol volumes on the destination vFiler unit inherit the data compression attributes of the source vFiler unit. Online migration of vFiler units with compressed data requires less bandwidth, and takes less time to complete.

For more information about data compression, see the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.