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Turning on or turning off quotas from a vFiler unit

You can turn on quotas by using the quota on volume command, and you can turn off quotas by using the quota off volume command. The quota on volume command activates quotas on the specified volume based on the contents of /etc/quotas.

Before you begin

You must have added a valid entry for a newly created volume in the /etc/quotas file of the vFiler unit before turning on quotas on that volume.

For more information about quotas, see the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.

About this task

Changes made to /etc/quotas do not take effect the next time the quota on or quota resize command is executed. Turning quotas off by using the quota off volume command deactivates quotas on the specified volume. You can turn quotas on and off on a per-volume basis for a vFiler unit. After you turn on quotas for a particular volume, Data ONTAP initializes quotas for the storage units residing on the volume that is owned by the vFiler unit. The on or off states of quotas are persistent and stay set after reboots.


  1. To turn quotas on or off for a volume owned by a vFiler unit, follow the instructions appropriate to your situation:
    If you manage the vFiler unit from... Then...
    The hosting storage system Enter the following command:
    vfiler run vfilertemplate quota on | off volume
    The vFiler unit Enter the following command through an RSH connection to the vFiler unit:
    quota on | off volume

    Note: Whenever a qtree is explicitly reassigned to a vFiler unit, you must reenable the quota manually if quotas are used. Qtrees are explicitly reassigned to vFiler units when you create vFiler units (using the vfiler create command) or when you move qtrees between vFiler units (using the vfiler move, vfiler add, or vfiler remove commands).