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The vFiler commands

The vfiler commands, which are supported only on the hosting storage system, enable the hosting storage system administrator to set up vFiler units and manage vFiler unit resources and Data ONTAP features on individual vFiler units. Each vfiler command has a different syntax.

The general vfiler command syntax is as follows:

vfiler command vfilertemplate options...

Some vfiler commands support the vfilertemplate option. vfilertemplate can be any of the following:
  • A vFiler unit name
  • A comma-separated list of vFiler unit names
  • An IPspace declaration
  • An asterisk (*) used as a wildcard

For example, you can run the setup command for the vFiler unit vfiler1:

vfiler run vfiler1 setup

If you use the asterisk, the command takes effect on all vFiler units, including vfiler0 (the hosting storage system), unless the command cannot be applied to vfiler0. See the na_vfiler(1) man page for more information.

Some vfiler commands include a complete path name for the qtree or volume that is assigned to the specified vFiler unit.