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Renaming a vFiler unit

You can use the vfiler rename command to rename the vFiler unit, for example, when you want the vFiler unit to have a unique name.

About this task

You should not rename a vFiler unit while it is being migrated. If you rename a vFiler unit that is being migrated, the migrate command on the remote system fails.

The new name for the vFiler unit should not exist on the storage system or on the partner storage system in an HA pair.

Although Data ONTAP allows the storage system and its partner to have vFiler units with identical names, it is easier to administer the storage systems if each vFiler unit has a unique name.


  1. Enter the following command to rename the vFiler unit:
    vfiler rename old_vfiler_name new_vfiler_name


    The following command renames the vFiler unit vfiler1 as vfiler2:

    vfiler rename vfiler1 vfiler2