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Storage guidelines

When you assign storage units to vFiler units, the first storage unit (qtree, traditional volume or FlexVol volume) assigned to the vFiler unit should not be removed as long as the vFiler unit exists. You cannot assign aggregates to a vFiler unit.

The first storage unit assigned to a vFiler unit is called the primary storage unit. The primary storage unit contains information about configuring the vFiler unit. Although you can remove storage units from a vFiler unit at any time after the vFiler unit is created, the primary storage unit must remain for as long as the vFiler unit exists. The primary storage unit has the same security characteristics it had before it was transferred to the vFiler unit.

When you create a new vFiler unit, C$ share-level permissions are restricted to administrators only, but file-level security is not modified. The vFiler unit administrator can set more restrictive file-level permissions.

If the qtree or volume to be used as the primary storage unit contains an /etc directory, the data in the directory is lost after you add the qtree or volume to a vFiler unit. Data in qtrees and volumes that are used as nonprimary storage units is preserved. A volume assigned to a vFiler unit must not be the storage system’s root volume. However, you can assign qtrees in the root volume to a vFiler unit. A volume assigned to a vFiler unit can be a traditional volume or a FlexVol volume.

For information about traditional volumes, FlexVol volumes, and aggregates, see the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.

FlexCache volumes can be created on the default vFiler unit, vfiler0, but cannot be assigned or moved to any other vFiler unit.

A qtree is assigned to a vFiler unit, owned by a vFiler unit, or associated with a vFiler unit only if that qtree is added as a resource to a vFiler unit. If a volume containing a qtree is added as a resource to a vFiler unit, then the qtree implicitly becomes a resource of that vFiler unit. If the vFiler unit administrator needs to create qtrees on the vFiler unit, the administrator assigns volumes instead of qtrees to the vFiler unit when creating the vFiler unit. This is because qtrees can be created only at the root of a volume.

If you anticipate that you might have to move the disks that are used for the vFiler unit's storage from one storage system to another, you should assign volumes, instead of qtrees, to the vFiler unit.

When managing NFS exports, CIFS shares, quotas, and options, vFiler unit administrators need to enter the complete path names of the storage resources used by the vFiler units in commands and configuration files. Therefore, the storage system administrator should choose volume and qtree names appropriately so that the complete path names beginning with filer_name:/vol/vol_name can be shared with the vFiler unit administrators.