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Increasing the vFiler unit limit

If you need more partitions on your hosting storage system, you can increase the vFiler unit limit. The maximum number of vFiler units you can have on a storage system depends on the memory capacity of the hosting storage system.


  1. To increase the vFiler unit limit, enter the following command:
    vfiler limit number


    To increase the number of vFiler units that you can create to 15, enter the following command on the hosting storage system:

    vfiler limit 16

    The limit is set to a number that must be one more than the number you create, because one vFiler unit is created automatically when you enable MultiStore.


In an HA pair, the vfiler limit command sets the vFiler units limit on each of the nodes of the HA pair.

After you finish

For the change to take effect, you must reboot the storage system (or each storage system in an HA pair).