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Disallowing a protocol on a vFiler unit

You can disallow protocols on a vFiler unit by using the vfiler disallow command. For example, for security reasons you might want to disallow access to the vFiler unit by SSH or RSH.

About this task

If the CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FTP, or HTTP protocol is running and you disallow it, the protocol continues to run until the storage system reboots. However, packets destined for the vFiler unit are ignored.


  1. Enter the following command to disallow a protocol for a vFiler unit:
    vfiler disallow vfilertemplate proto=protocol ...

    protocol can be any one of the following supported protocols: nfs, cifs, iscsi, rsh, ssh, ftp, or http.


    The following command disallows the NFS and RSH protocols on the vFiler unit named vfiler1:

    vfiler disallow vfiler1 proto=nfs proto=rsh