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Enabling MultiStore

To begin using MultiStore, you must enable MultiStore. After you enable MultiStore, you can create vFiler units on the storage system.

About this task

Depending on the hardware platforms, you can enable MultiStore either by adding the license key or by turning the option on.
You must use the license key to enable MultiStore for the following hardware platforms:
  • 3040 and 3070
  • 31xx
  • 60xx

For all other supported hardware platforms, you must enable the MultiStore option.


  1. Depending on your hardware platform, enter the appropriate command to enable MultiStore:
    If you want to enable the... Enter the following command...
    MultiStore option
    options licensed_feature.multistore.enable on
    MultiStore license
    license add license_key


Enabling MultiStore has the following effects on the storage system:
  • You can use the vfiler and ipspace commands.
  • Data ONTAP starts logging the status of vFiler units and sends the information to technical support by using the AutoSupport feature.
  • The routed daemon is enabled, but only in vfiler0.
  • The ip.match_any_ifaddr option is set to off.
    Note: You can turn the ip.match_any_ifaddr option to on if this option was enabled before enabling MultiStore.
  • The vFiler unit limit (the number of vFiler units you can create on this storage system, including vfiler0) is set to a default value between three and 11, depending on the memory capacity of the hosting storage system.